As a growing provider in the UK and international web hosting market, Jolly Leaf is proud to work with the people that we do. As such, we’ve decided to feature one customer per month, right here on our blog. This month, we’ve invited Charlene to talk about her websites and her experience with us.

Charlene, who joins us from the United States, has hosted her array of websites with us for quite some time now and has been a long-standing customer since August last year. However, Charlene has been building websites for far longer than this and began her career in 1997 while studying a graphic design course at college. After having progressed to a degree, Charlene says that exploring the world of web design was a logical transition to make and subsequently sought to take courses in HTML and other markup languages alongside advanced Photoshop courses, Corel Painter, animations, and art classes. This led to the creation of her growing number of websites, some of which are currently a work-in-progress.

Could you tell us a bit about each of your websites: what are they for and what do they offer?

“My Website is a personal Website, and mostly feature my interests, sewing, machine embroidery, collections, graphics, art, and my all time favorite Koi pond. Eventually, all of the other personal sites will be combined into this one, as this domain is recently obtained. The features my art, watercolors, graphics, photography. (I sign my artwork with my maiden name.) The is for honoring my father for his World War II service in the U. S. Army. He managed to take a lot of photos during the war, even though he was not an official photographer, but many of his photos are recognizable from school and library books. Some have been published, and some have not. My father passed away in 2001, and this was to be a memorial to him, and also his brother, John, who served in the Korean War. I managed to get acquainted with a few of my father’s war buddies, and regret he did not live to see that happen. He would have loved to have talked with them on the phone, as I did, so many years later. My father was involved with the liberation of Dachau. He was also wounded by shrapnel during the Battle of the Bulge, the largest conflict in recent history. This site is for information about history of the war, and his personal experience.”

Softpaw Media

Charlene has no doubt experienced the offerings of other web hosting providers during her career as an experienced graphic designer. We were curious as to what made us stand out.

What caused you to choose Jolly Leaf as your web host?

“I tried many Webhosts, and while most started out really good, eventually they got to the point the prices were raised as the customer service went down. There was a point I wanted to buy my own server to host my Websites! I refrained from doing that due to time constraints, and am very happy to have found Jolly Leaf. I do recommend Jolly Leaf to my friends.”

Of course, here at Jolly Leaf our ethos is to prioritise customer euphoria over profit. We are pleased to hear that Charlene favours our efforts to create the most customer-centric hosting service out there. We’re also delighted to be the preferred service provider of an experienced professional, and worthy of recommendation to her friends.

We’d like to thank Charlene for taking time away from her busy schedule to be interviewed in this month’s customer spotlight. If you’d like to be considered for interview next month, please email If you’re selected, we’ll be in touch with some questions.