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Hello folks! It’s our favourite time of the month, where we showcase another customer who is taking full advantage of the Jolly Leaf web hosting platform – and they’re loving hosting with us! Especially in this month’s edition, where we’re overjoyed to be sharing Dimitri’s WordPress blog,, that’s all about tasty recipes for Vegans. A quick warning though, this month’s spotlight might just make you a little hungry, so grab a snack, and let us commence with sharing this awesome blog!

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The first aspect of which we absolutely love is the crisp, simple, but yet beautiful responsive design of this WordPress blog. The website is easily navigated, with a clear navigation bar at the top of the page, but various call-to-action buttons throughout the site – bonus points for SEO! As well as further links at the bottom of the site in the blog’s footer.

Now, one crucial aspect of every recipe website is clear photography to really sell your recipes, but also help with instructions when your readers are following your recipes. Dimitri has effectively utilised his evidently (from the selfie with his website above!) excellent photography skills throughout his blog, with mouth-watering photography of delicious food and clear step-by-step photography for each recipe.

A screenshot of a recipe from

As you can probably tell, we’re a big fan of and we are very impressed with what Dimitri has achieved through his passion of Veganism and WordPress. We put a few questions to Dimitri, and this is what he answered:

What is your website about and what do you aim to achieve from it?

I got really tired of my friends and family asking me how I managed to stay alive after I switched my diet to veganism, so I created a website with detailed vegan recipes in hopes that they would in turn cook for me.

I also really wanted to bring simplicity to the lifestyle, and through step by step photography show people that it’s really not hard to create healthy meals at home.

How long have you been creating websites for?

I started creating websites during my final year at University in 2015, so it’s been a year so far.

What is it you love about Jolly Leaf?

Jolly Leaf Customer service is excellent. If I ever run into a back-end issue that I haven’t a clue to solve, I know I have several channels to contact them with, through ticket customer support, twitter, email etc.

I also love the super competitive hosting prices!

How does Jolly Leaf make hosting your website effortless?

When I found Jolly Leaf I was mostly attracted to the fact everything was clean and simplified for a first time user. The process of setting up my site was effortless and I can now maintain my site with ease due to the user-friendly design.

Dimitri is utilising Jolly Leaf WordPress SSD Web Hosting to power his website, and as you can see from his responses to our questions, he’s loving hosting with us. Why not take a look at our WordPress Hosting?