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  2. Request a migration

    Once registered, get in touch with our friendly support staff by opening a ticket from the Jolly Leaf Tree House and let us know you would like a free migration.

    Our support staff will carry out a survey of your website to ensure we have everything we need to migrate your website. If there's anything extra we need, we'll let you know!

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  3. Finishing touches & launch!

    After completing the migration for you, we'll send you a link to preview your website to make sure everything is working as it should. If you're happy, we'll launch your website!

  4. Cancel your old hosting

    Once everything is moved over and you are happy that your website is running smoothly, you can cancel your service with your old web host.

Frequently asked questions

Migration times always depend on the complexity of your website. If your website is simple, e.g. several web pages and a couple of email accounts, we can complete the migration process in 1 day. However, if your website is more complex we will require up to 2 working days.
There are two ways we carry out our cPanel migrations. The first method is you provide us the username and password of your current web hosting account and we will download a full cPanel backup. Or alternatively, you provide us with the full cPanel backup. Then we simply upload the backup and restore your website on our servers.
Yes. Provided that your website is using cPanel and you are able to generate full cPanel backups.
Absolutely not. When we migrate your website, your DNS will point to your previous web host. We will then only change the DNS settings of your domain name to point to our servers when you have previewed your migrated website and you are happy.