How do I change my cPanel password?

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You can effortlessly change your hosting account's cPanel password via the Jolly Leaf Dashboard. We recommend you change your cPanel every 30 days to help reduce the risk of your account being compromised. We recommend changing your password through the Jolly Leaf Dashboard and not through cPanel. This is because on some occasions it can break the ability to login to cPanel via the Jolly Leaf Dashboard.

Step One: Login to The Jolly Leaf Dashboard

Firstly, log in to your Jolly Leaf account and select 'Products' from the left-hand pane.

Jolly Leaf Dashboard

Select the web hosting account from the list that you would like to change the password of, and click 'Manage'.

Jolly Leaf Products

From the navigation menu on the left, select 'cPanel Login Details'.

Step Two: Change cPanel Password

Enter your new cPanel password in the 'New Password' field and re-enter that password into the 'Confirm New Password' field.

Once done, click 'Save Changes' and your cPanel password will be changed.

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