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WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Using the Softaculous App Installer WordPress can be installed in a matter of clicks!

Step 1: Login to cPanel via the Jolly Leaf Tree house

Step 2: Click WordPress under the Softaculous Apps Installer heading. 

Click WordPress in cPanel

Step 3: Click Install Now in Softaculous. 

Clicking Install Now button in Softaculous

Step 4: Configure WordPress Software Setup by completing the Protocol, Domain and Directory fields. 

Configuring WordPress options in Softaculous
  • Protocol - If you have an SSL certificate installed in cPanel, it is recommended you choose https:// or https://www. for added security. 
  • Domain - This is the domain name your visitors will use to access your WordPress site. If you would like to use a different domain name, you will need to add this domain as an addon domain. 
  • Directory - If WordPress is going to be your main site, leave this empty. If WordPress is going to power a subsection of your, e.g. a blog, enter the directory it will accessed. 

Step 5: Configure WordPress Site Settings by completing the Name, Description and Multisite fields. 

Configuring WordPress options in Softaculous
  • Site Name - This is your site title. This will be appear in browsers and the header of your site. 
  • Description - This is often used by search engines.
  • Enable Multisite (WPMNU) - Create multiple websites using the same WordPress install

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