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Have your very own custom email address unique to your domain name (e.g. by creating an email account in cPanel. 

Step 1: Login to cPanel via the Jolly Leaf Tree House

Step 2: Select Email Accounts under the Email heading. 

Step 3: Complete the email form and click Create Account

  1. Email - This is the email address you would like to create. 
  2. Domain - Choose which domain name the email address will be registered to. 
  3. Password - The password that will be used for the email account. Click Generate to create a secure password automatically. 
  4. Password (Again) - Re-type the password you have entered for this email account. 
  5. Mailbox Quota - The amount of disk space that the account may use to store email. Select Unlimited if you do wish to put a limit on this email account.  

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