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A mail exchanger (MX) record specifies the mail server responsible for accepting emails on behalf of a domain name. 

By default, your MX records are set to Jolly Leaf's mail server. If you wish to use an external mail service such as Zoho or Google Suite then you will need to update your MX records with the ones specified by your new mail provider. 

Step 1: Login to cPanel via the Jolly Leaf Tree House.

Step 2: Click Zone Editor under the Domains heading.

Step 3: Click Manage next to the domain name you would like to manage MX records for. 

Step 4: Filter down to MX records by clicking MX at the top of the page. 

(Optional) Step 5: Delete existing MX records

If you are using an external mail service, it is recommended you delete the existing MX records to avoid conflict. If you are unsure whether or not you should delete the existing MX records, then contact us

Step 6: Click the down arrow in the Add Record button and then click Add MX Record

Step 6: Enter the MX record details and click Add Record

Note: If you are pointing your mail services to an external mail provider, such as Zoho or Google Suite, they will provide you with the MX details. Therefore, it should just be a matter of copying and pasting the MX records across. 

  1. Priority - Indicates the order in which the mail servers should be used.
  2. Destination - The mail server.

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