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Transferring your domain name to Jolly Leaf will make us your new registrar; helping us give you a complete, great quality service for all your domain needs. 

Transferring a domain name to Jolly Leaf is straight forward and once your domain has been transferred, we'll also add an extra year to your domain's expiry date - included in the transfer fee (for most domains that is). 

Note: A domain transfer will not affect your website or email service. 

Pre-transfer Checklist

Before you begin the transfer process to Jolly Leaf, it's important you do the following

  1. Ensure the domain is unlocked - Domains are usually locked against unauthorised transfers by default, so please ensure this lock has been turned off. Your current domain registrar should be able to help you with this 
  2. Remove any Whois privacy service - It's likely that you may have a privacy guard that is protecting your Whois information from Whois lookup services. This is because once the transfer process has started you will receive an email asking you to confirm the transfer. If the privacy guard is turned off, this transfer email will never go through. 
  3. Ensure the domain's administrative email is correct - On the above note, please ensure that the email address(es) you have stated in your domain's Whois contact information. If the email address is not correct, you may not receive the confirmation email. 
  4. Check that the domain name has at least 14 days until expiry - If your domain name has less than 10 days, please contact us - we may still be able to help! 
  5. (Critical) Retrieve the EPP code from your current registrar - This is an authorisation code (known as an EPP code) that we need to communicate with your current registrar and transfer the domain name to us. This should be as simple as copying this from your current registrar's admin dashboard - although you may need to contact them to help you with this. 


Step 1: Login to the Jolly Leaf Tree House

Step 2: Click Domains and then click Transfer Domains to Us

Step 3: Type in your domain name, paste the EPP code and then click Add to Cart.

Step 4: Select any addons

Step 5: Enter nameservers.

If you are using your domain name with Jolly Leaf hosting, we recommend you leave these as the default Jolly Leaf nameservers

Step 6: Click Continue to review your basket. 

Step 7: Click Checkout to confirm payment of the domain transfer. 

Step 8: Select your payment method

Step 9: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.  

Step 10: Click Complete Order to confirm your domain transfer. 

Your domain transfer process will now be initiated. Domain transfers can take up to 14 days, however they are often much faster than this. 

You can track the status of your domain transfer via the Jolly Leaf Tree House. We will also email you updates. 

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