In today’s day and age, when people need information they head straight to their preferred search engine, type in a few key words and get the exact information they need. Gone are the days of looking through business book directories and talking to one another for information we need (well, we’re heading that way!). For example, if you’re looking to purchase a new product, you will most likely research this product online by reading product information straight from the supplier or reading reviews and articles. It’s very unlikely that you will look through physical written articles such as brochures. So from this example, you can see that ensuring your website is submitted to, and has a good presence on the biggest search engines, is very important to the success of your business or any kind of website you’re operating. This way, you make sure your website is widely accessible to the audience you are trying to target.

Thankfully, we at Jolly Leaf know a trick or two about getting your website into the 4 biggest search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, and what’s even better is we make it so simple! With all of our web hosting plans, we provide some pretty awesome Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools which make SEO simple and more effective. The tool we are going to be showcasing in this article can be found right from cPanel, called “SEO Tools“.

SEO Tools for search engines via the Jolly Leaf cPanel

Upon clicking “SEO Tools” you will be brought to one of our partner applications, Attracta – a comprehensive SEO tool. Here you can carry out many activities which will help boost your SEO, bur for this article we are focusing on submitting your website to those 4 popular search engines. Find “Get In Google” and click “Complete This Step“.

Five Steps to More Search Engine Traffic via Jolly Leaf

Now you will be presented with a breakdown of your website’s status in the 4 search engines. By default, all search engines will say “Pending” because you have yet to submit your website to all of the 4 search engines via Attracta. You can go ahead and submit your website to all of the search engines by clicking “Create and Submit Sitemap“. This is where Attracta does all the work for you! Attracta will create a sitemap for your website and then submit to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask all at the same time.

Get More Traffic from Google Search Engines via Jolly Leaf

And that’s it! You have now submitted your website to the 4 biggest search engines on the internet. Your website and it’s contents should start to appear in the search engines within 72 hours. Now your website will have more of a presence in search engines, you should start to see a long term increase in your website’s traffic as more and more people across the world will begin to see your website in their search results.